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As experts in our field we are dedicated to sourcing the highest quality cup products from North America’s leading manufacturers.

Fast Service and Friendly Staff

"I love working with The Cup Store! The reps are always so friendly and the service is super fast! The Cup Store has helped a lot with last minute orders and urgent requests, which has been a huge help especially when opening a new café. I would recommend The Cup Store to any individual or company looking for a reliable and efficient supplier!"

- Store Operations Manager, Indigo

Outstanding Quality

"I had the pleasure of dealing with Christina and the rest of the staff at The Cup Store and one word sums up their service, expertise, quality of work and ability to meet deadlines‎: OUTSTANDING. I will be doing business with The Cup Store for a very long time, as they are helping customers like me, one cup at a time!"

- Sales Representative, Diageo–Wirtz Beverage Canada


"Stoked on our new cups from @thecupstore! Can't wait to use these!!!"

- @clearlykombucha, Clearly Kombucha

Custom Printed Cups
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